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Weight Neutral Fitness and Intuitive Eating Support Available Online

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I'm so glad you're here.

I’m Jess Brock-Pitts, founder and owner of Enlighten Well LLC, and a gym class drop-out turned certified personal trainer & group fitness instructor. I took a non-traditional route to becoming a personal trainer. After working for years in the field of mental health as a clinical social worker, I decided to make a pivot into fitness.

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Kimberly G

Jess is, in a word, refreshing. I had been toying with the idea of getting a personal trainer to help with my seemingly chronic pain for a few months but questioned my motivations. Are my intentions pure? Will the years of societal messaging of “lose weight” and “get a six-pack in six days” consume me? Will I relapse? I know...I know...I think too much. But it’s a valid concern! By this point, this journey of mine had taken me through a body image resilience course, an intuitive eating course, and now the real test. Can I truly move or “exercise” to simply care for my overall well-being? Needless to say, I decided to take the leap. Now to find a trainer who understands where I’m coming from...I ventured into the realm of personal trainers in hopes I’d find one who would respect where I was in my journey. Long story short, I found a trainer who ended up recommending Jess at Enlighten Well to me. I cannot thank this trainer enough. Jess is authentic. She is relatable. And she is kind. In a world filled with trainers who are trying to convince you that you could look “better,” or “no pain no gain” or share tips on how to “lose weight quickly” before a weigh-in. Jess is the opposite of what I thought I’d find when searching for a trainer so needless to say, once I met Jess I breathed a sigh of relief. How refreshing to find a trainer who deeply understands the importance of honoring our inner body and its need for movement without focusing on the external side effects of doing so. Enlighten Well is truly a hidden gem and how grateful am I that I get to work with Jess!

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Fat Positive, HAES Aligned Fitness

After many years of battling my body and moving mainly for weight loss, I realized that things weren't working for me. Although I loved the feeling of empowerment and strength I found from overcoming physical challenges, I realized I was sick of hating my body and fighting myself. I began to choose exercise that I enjoyed, like hiking and powerlifting, over programs that were designed solely to make me lose weight but left me hungry, tired, and unhappy.  

I realized that what made me feel most fulfilled, more than attaining a certain body weight or size, was the feeling of accomplishment that came with challenging myself. The emphasis on body positivity, exercising for health and enjoyment, and intuitive eating have become the focal point of my services, empowering other people who are fed up the with dieting and fitness fads. Some of my best clients are people who came to me saying that they hated working out, but sedentary living was taking a toll on their bodies.

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