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Intuitive Eating Workshop

Virtual Workshop

Saturday, August 12

10am - Noon Eastern

This two hour workshop is my introductory program to get acquainted with intuitive eating. You'll learn about the ten principles of intuitive eating, how it was developed, and the research supporting it. In the second half of class, we'll dive deeper into principle one, "Reject the diet mentality," and explore your own history with dieting. Past participants have called this workshop "life changing!"

If you're sick and tired of dieting and consider yourself "intuitive eating curious", this is the perfect starting place for you to get acquainted with IE, and gain some insight to help you decide next steps.

Participants of this workshop will also get early access to my upcoming intuitive eating course, which is a more intensive program for people ready to change their lives with intuitive eating.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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