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Full transparency here: I'm trying to grow this business to the point of being a viable source of income. I believe in this business, I believe in my mission, and I believe in myself. That said, if I want the business to be viable, it has to make money. To that end, I've increased prices on a few things, most notably personal training.

It is also really important to me that high quality, weight-neutral fitness services are accessible to everyone, and I really mean everyone. In the service of this dearly held value of mine, I have decided after May, my classes will be free. I will teach a few less classes per month (think of it as an act of self care for me!) and registration for those classes will be embedded into my website.

I think these two changes help me to be able to both live up to my value of providing services that aren't only for high-income people while also structuring things in a way that I get paid. I'm excited to see how free classes go!

I currently have a few time slots available for live virtual personal training clients, and I'm enrolling clients for the Lightbulb Fitness Club, starting on 05/01. I hope that you'll stick around and continue to grow with me!

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