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"Hold up, Jess, is this a recipe blog now?"

I don't usually share a ton of recipes, but I thought it might be helpful to give some ideas for what intuitive eating can look like. This is a lunch I've been making some variation of on a pretty regular basis. It's tasty, satisfying, keeps me full and fueled for workouts and my afternoon, and goes together fast. Plus, nutritionally, it checks the protein and vegetable and complex carb boxes.

Ingredients I use: flour tortilla, veggie breakfast crumbles, eggs, some shredded cheese, frozen spinach, and salsa. I'm not sponsored by ShopRite. If ShopRite reads this and wants to send me free groceries, my inbox is O P E N.

I literally just throw all the shit in a pan. It does best to do the spinach first and at least thaw it a little, then the crumbles, then the eggs. If you like your eggs more over hard, maybe start them sooner.

Once everything is cooked, I sprinkle some cheese on. I like to toss the tortilla on top of the pan at the end to get it warmed up. Nothing like a warm tortilla.

Then, I throw everything onto the tortilla with some salsa. I told you: easy.

Then roll that bad boy up and eat it!

Like I said: delicious, easy, quick, satisfying. It checks a lot of boxes for a great lunch!

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