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A client recently asked me for some recommendations for body positive women who lift who are good social media follows. In no particular order, here are some of my favorites!

*Note: this list is focused on Instagram accounts. While these folks are on other platforms, and I could create a list for other platforms, this is a list for the 'gram!

  • Meg Boggs - Meg is a powerlifter, author, and influencer. She also recently had a new baby, and as of this writing, is returning to movement. She shares some family and lifestyle type content, but a lot of fitness and movement content.

  • Gabi Dixson - Gabi is a pro strongwoman, and mostly shares strongman training content. She is funny AF on her social media, and ridiculously strong!

  • Sarah Robles - Sarah is a 3x Olympic weightlifting competitor at the actual Olympics (it's a little confusing because that style of lifting is called Olympic weightlifting, but you can do Oly lifts not at the Olympics...I didn't name this shit, okay?). Sarah mostly posts Oly lifting videos, but occasional other shenanigans!

  • Kanoelani Patterson - Kanoelani shares really awesome fat positive content and some great powerlifting! She was recently author of a chapter in "Deconstructing the Fitness Industrial Complex."

  • Mandy Smith - Mandy owns the Resistance Gym, and is a fat positive powerlifter. Follow for occasional peeks at her family life, and real authentic views of her powerlifting training.

  • Laura Khoudari - Laura is the author of "Lifting Heavy Things" and is one of the big names in trauma informed strength. She doesn't share a ton of her own movement, but follow for great info about trauma informed movement approaches.

Got some great ones that I skipped? Drop them in the comments!

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