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This past Wednesday, in Washington DC, a load of Trump-lovin' Americans, under the banner of being "real Patriots" (usually with a capital P) raided the Capitol building. I was at work when it was happening, and had a busy evening planned -- meeting with a personal training client, followed by teaching a class. I can't say I was shocked, but certainly angry and scared as the news was breaking. My reaction was a lot of, really, WHAT THE FUCK. I considered cancelling my appointment and my class, because it just seemed crazy to go about business as usual when all this is happening a few short hours away from me.

But I didn't.

I believe that there is healing to be had in my work. Some people may see what I do as frivolous, or just a fitness class, or unimportant, but I truly believe that my work helps people heal their relationship with their bodies. While this work is certainly work, teaching classes is an element of self-care for me. I know that I'm helping other people to care for themselves, which is rewarding and fulfilling. Moving my body in a way that feels nourishing, empowering, and healthy helps me feel energized and positive, and I enjoy bringing that to others.

If you chose to skip a planned workout because of your emotions in response to the events, that's cool too. For me, I didn't want to spend time glued powerlessly to a screen (or multiple screens...) for any longer. It felt good to reclaim my day and move my body. I hope you chose, and continue to choose, what feels like self-care for you.

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