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So the US Supreme Court has continued its assault on the body autonomy of individuals. For people who have experienced trauma, this may feel even worse, because trauma itself can be an assault on body autonomy.

It's hard for me to know what to say about this, both because there's a lot that's already been said, and also because I'm grappling with a sense of hopelessness about the overturn of Roe, and I don't want to pass my desolation on to other people. That said, it felt too important to be silent on this.

If you're a trauma survivor, and struggling with this assault on your sense of control over your own body, please know that it is an understandable response. It sucks to have the idea reinforced that you aren't in control of your own body. Body autonomy should be a fundamental human right. All humans should be able to make their own choices about how they live within their own bodies.

I've also talked to a number of people who have had abortions in the past, and for some, seeing literally every.single.person's opinions about it strung all across the internet has been really stressful. If this is you, maybe consider limiting online time (and maybe don't read this?). Our brains have not evolved and are not equipped to be exposed to the amount of information that we are every single day.

I wish I could wrap this up neatly with some kind of optimism, but I'm struggling to find it right now. Please know that there are so many of us that believe in body autonomy. We are NOT a minority. It saddens me that the solutions right now are mutual aid and abortion funds because our elected leaders have just fuckin blown it and left us on our own.

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